Waking Up to Dreams

the art of being human


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                                Julie Clayton                                       Writer, Author & Editor 


the art of being human

My first waking memory is a dream memory. Literally, the first concrete experience I remember of being alive in this world and in this body, is a dream. It’s not surprising then that my dream life has always been equally significant as my waking life. Just as real and engaging—and just different. What I know from this is that consciousness is a continuum. Dreaming, whether awake or asleep, is simply a reflection of where my state of awareness is at that moment.

We all have dreams: dreams of a better life, of fulfilling our passion and purpose, of making a difference, of living a life of meaning. The spiritual revolution that is shifting human consciousness is an awakening to personal and collective dreams, and to our inherent evolutionary potential to fulfill them. How each of us navigates this awakening is the art of living: the art of learning to live with impermanence and tending to what is truly important and lasting. It is a lifelong endeavor to be aware of who we are and our place of service in the world, and to continually express and reinvent who we are becoming.

For me, writing, words, gives form to this awakening–and informs it. Writing is a creative symbiosis that transmutes both author and reader, bridging ancient wisdom and new information, personal story and collective awareness, and opening sleepy eyelids to perceive the world from an entirely different perspective. Words are powerful symbols for communicating ideas and feelings; in the familiar shapes and combination of letters we can enter into worlds within worlds within worlds, limited in our imagination only by those limitations that we believe in. Writing transforms.

Underlying the mundane of my daily life runs a deep, slow-moving river of reflection and connection to this path of transformation; a desire and drive to continually perceive things anew, and in my own way, to gain mastery in the art of being human. And so, I write. I dream. I feel. I attune. I think. I listen. I hope. I despair. I imagine. I retreat. I love. I fear. I strive to awaken in every moment.

My voice is but a single note in the symphony of humanity. In itself and without a larger context it is perhaps small and not so noticeable. But when each of us adds our voice to the song of human potential, together we can awaken to our dreams and dream ourselves awake.

And so, this blog and the words I write is my voice, breadcrumbs in the forest that trace my perfectly flawed journey of learning mastery in the art of being human. I know I am not alone; being alive means being human and saying “yes!” to life, saying yes to the spectrum of human experience that resides entirely between the edges of fear and love.

I am a freelance literary editor, creative content consultant, and book reviewer for spiritual and new consciousness manuscripts and writing: Sacred Editing & Writing 

More concretely, my “credentials” include a Master’s Degree in Integral Consciousness Studies with a concentration in Dream Studies, NLP Marin Master Practitioner, Hospice Training, and honorary member of the Advanced Institute for Archetypal Studies.

Feel free to add tasteful and respectful comments or questions. I love to hear from you!

In Joy,
Julie Kay


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